About Us

Copeople Group, ad a comprehensive management consulting company, is focused on the four most key management scenariors and core concept, hiring, training, freeing and connecting people. Through building the professional service network of human resources, education and training, IT consulting, media and PR, and community operation to help decision maker in every sector to unlock the company's growth potential to maximum, get unified business insights, and flexibly deal with complicated business challenges.
Our teams serve customers with the value of cooperation, profession, enthusiasm, optimism and leadership, and have broaden the scope of service into the main developing cities both in China and Asia-Pacific region.
Today, more than 3,000 leading companies in every industries, and 100,000 users are being benefited from the solutions and services provided by Copeople Group.

Future Ready for Your Organization

As trustful partners of decision makers in leading companies, we promise a proven stairway to success for your business.

We implant the booming concepts and technologies into every service scenariors, from Artificial Intelligence, Big Data to Cloud-based service.

We help CXOs focus on their core missions: focusing on the business growth, driving transformation, and enabling innovation.

Our History

HBS, subordinated to KeGuang, was formally founded, creating the blue ocean of finance system localization and compliance solutions. And KeGuang is continuously broadening the business scope with the development of digital technology. Until now, there have been three brands under KeGuang, includinhg HBS, KISS, and UBI, dedicated to promoting the progress of business management with the power of information technology.

China Finance Elite Club, CFEC, was founded, making the foundation of truly first "financial elite interactive platform" in China.

FMS, a dominant brand in the field of finance services in Asia-Pacific region, was officially launched. It dedicated to helping financial service agencies and financial professionals get a development beyond the excellence and build a finance world by PR and media solutions.

CoTalent, an one-stop training service provider for talent, aims to help teams enhance the control of business,create a harmonious and efficient team atmosphere, and build a business dream team!

China Finance Expo, the largest-scale exhibitions in Asia-Pacific region in the field of financial services, was successfully held.

The brand of community, CFO Wisdom, which is subordinated to Copeople Group, has been the largest online sharing platform for financial-related professionals in Asia-Pacific region. The vision of "Creating the most joyful CFO Community" has been gradually realized.

eHire Group, an innovative human resources consulting service provider, was formally established. Providing human resources consulting services to all types of organizations with the support of expertises.

A brand of community, Professional Wisdom, was officially launched. Its vision is to create a membership-based organization in Asia-Pacific region towards elite professionals, being dedicated to becoming the unified communication and sharing platform for CXOs.

Facts about Copeople

15 Years+

15 Years+ B2B Field


300+ Partners


3,000+ Clients


100,000+ Users

Why us?

Founded by ex-PWC professionals with more than 15 years experience of B2B professional service field anddeeply understand customer demands.
Integrate five service portfolios, that is, human resources, education & training, IT consulting, media & PR, community operation, with a high return on investment.
The first choice of leading companies in every industry; Recognized by over 3,000 clients with rich practical experience in this industry.
Unite with over 300 ecosystem partners, creating a win-win cooperation


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Copeople group are establishing diversified and innovative talent team with stronger and comprehensive competitiveness. Join us and become one of us.

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